Thursday, August 28, 2003

Things are looking GREAT!
My[Q]Box is looking great! I want to thank all the new and existing users for their support!!! I have left my full time job to focus 100% on My[Q]Box. Everyone keep telling your friends and 2003 will be a great year! Again, I thank EVERYONE for their support!!!

Monday, August 04, 2003

Say Goodbye to the Super Lexicon and Hello to Synonym
I moved the tools around a bit today. The "Super Lexicon" started as the "Custom Thesaurus" tool, but you could only get to it from the "Check Thesaurus Results" tool. It was very confusing, can you tell?

To make things a bit more understandable, I blended the "Near Lexicon" and "Exact Lexicon" into the "Lexicon" tool, DUH! There were so few times that the "Exact Lexicon" could be used that giving it a font panel button was a waste, plus it meant explaining both lexicon types right up front.

I had moved the "Custom Thesaurus" tool in with the "Near Lexicon just to get it up in the teacher tools section, but it was still hidden... and it's so important and powerful. Now it has a front row seat as the new "Synonym" tool. The name is right, the placement is right... now all I have to do is update the manual.. YUCK!

I am re-writing the Getting Started Guide to direct new users to create a based blog and add a My[Q]Box. No promise when it'll go live, but I'll get it as fast as I can. It's all part of making getting folks started as easy as possible. I am seriously committed to making My[Q]Box easy to use, easy to afford and of great value to a whole bunch of folks.

Backing Down the Advertising Engine
I am amazed how many hits My[Q]Box has gotten from the blog community! THANKS EVERYONE!!! Google, Overture and Findwhat are really jamming keyword engines that drove a TON of traffic my way over the last few weeks, we have never been so busy. For the first time in the nearly three years we have been working on this project, we are getting new accounts every single day. Lots of the accounts are free accounts, but that's cool. We help the blog community and the community is definitely helping us.

I have backed down on the advertising, but the traffic is staying up there!!! This means people are telling other people and those people are telling even more people. Word of mouth, it's GREAT!

Blogs and My[Q]Box are a Natural
I am so glad I listed to The Screen Savers and heard them talking up blogs all the time.

Blogs are by definition one way. You write, others read. Some blog authors allow readers to leave comments or they use guest books to add interaction with the reader. This is the wrong type of interaction for a blog and leads to the muddled voices of a community, opinions from everywhere. A blog is supposed to be your thoughts gifted to others.

A truly interactive blog allows readers to find information by asking for it. Your blog becomes a place where readers can ask for information directly from you. A place where it is your wise sage advice, and your opinion, that matter. My[Q]Box makes sure you answer as few questions as possible while still answering everyone's questions.

Your readers come to your blog because they care about your thoughts, not the thoughts of just anyone who cares to give an opinion. Leave community to the news groups; make your blog truly interactive by adding My[Q]Box today! (Wow, sorry for sounding like a commercial there for a second)